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Transform Medicaid and HHS performance and improve outcomes.



A trusted partner in nearly every state

Our life's work is your life's work. Many of us at Optum once sat in your seat. We apply that experience when adapting technology to meet health and human services challenges. By connecting key points, we help our state partners get people the assistance they need and improve outcomes.

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Need may come any day to anyone. Help must be ready when need arise. Help that puts a mother on the path to a healthy pregnancy. Help that lets a family enjoy one meal without worrying about the next. Help that leads a neighbor to a new job.


Speaker 1:

At Optum, we are proud to support the people who provide this help. For 26 years, we've worked alongside you, helping to manage programs, but now reach more than half of the Medicaid population. Our work starts with a commitment to each individual, understanding their needs and respecting their journey. It relies on strong partnerships, relationships built on trust, and shared goals. It results in insights, preparation, and coordination.


Speaker 1:

For the many of us who once sat in your seats, this is our life's work. It's that experience we apply when adapting technology to meet health and human services challenges. By connecting key points, we make it easier to get people the assistance they need and make it more affordable. Nearly every state counts on us.


Speaker 1:

And we've shown we can quickly adapt to help keep critical services up and running, even during times of rapid change. We're ready to help you manage care, modernize and maintain your systems, train your staff, set priorities and measure progress. So, when need comes, you'll be ready. That's Optum, helping people live healthier lives and making the health system work better for everyone.



Paving a new path forward  

Explore our latest thinking and learn how modern solutions can pave a new path forward in health care.



Create strategies that can adapt to change

Stay nimble in a constantly changing Medicaid and HHS environment, from policy to strategy to implementation.

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Modernizing systems to improve processes

Transform operations across all your Health and Human Services programs to improve processes and reduce costs.

Call centers + AI technology: A game changer



Collaborate to improve outcomes

Work together across Medicaid and HHS to deliver services more efficiently to all stakeholders.

Health care data: Can't we all just get along?



Create a culture driven by analytics

Apply data-driven insights to fundamentally reshape the structure of operations and programs for Medicaid and HHS.

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What will it take to make health equity real?

It’s about building trust, expanding access and tailoring support to meet the unique needs of individuals and local communities.


Client success stories  


“These are our friends and neighbors”

See how two states responded to serve their communities.

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Health care tools for the justice-involved

Collaborative initiatives improve health and social services.

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Data governance propels COVID-19 response

A timely upgrade helped Indiana be better prepared.

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